Servo and Motion Control Systems


Commander SL and GP20 Legacy status

Commander SL and Commander GP20 changing to legacy status The Commander SL and Commander GP20 products will be changing to legacy status effective March 1st, 2009. The existing inventory of the Commander SL and Commander GP20 products will not be restocked.




Sale on Commander SL, SK Drives!

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Sale on Commander SL, SK Drives!

See our Sale page to get great pricing on AC Drives!



Servo and Motion Control Systems


Motion Control Systems

Control Techniques offers the most comprehensive selection of motion control products in the industry. These include products for single, axis-and-a-half and multi-axis servo systems, designed to perform in both distributed and centralized control architectures.

PowerTools Pro software and the Epsilon EP line of compact servo drives continue Nidec’s quarter-century tradition of providing machine builders and OEM’s with “Motion Made Easy”TM solutions that are economical, reliable, and get applications up and running quickly.

The new Digitax ST line of compact servo drives consists of base, indexing drives and fully programmable drives. Software choices are Motion Made EasyTM using our PowerTools Pro or IEC-61131-3-compliant SyPTPro. The Digitax ST like the Unidrive SP, uses Solution Modules to provide nearly unlimited I/O and fieldbus options, including the fastest Ethernet protocol available, EtherCAT.

The new FM Series servo motors expand the capabilities of Control Techniques motion systems with its wide speed, torque and inertia range, multiple shaft and flange options, and support for incremental encoders, absolute encoders, and resolver motor feedback. Here is an overview of the motion control offering:


Digitax Servo Drive- Digitax ST, iIntelligent Servo Technology

 Digitax ST is optimized for servo applications requiring high peak torque, dynamic response, ease of use and flexible integration features. Four product variants ensure that the drive’s personality perfectly matches your servo applications. Solution Modules (SM) provide zero-space fieldbus and I/O connectivity to other automation components.






Epsilon EP Servo Drive- Epsilon EP, the latest offering of servo amplifiers from ECT, is an evolution of the popular Epsilon series amplifiers. Compact and priced very competitive, this amplifier is offered in 3 flavors: Base drive, Indexer (with optional Devicenet) and Fully programmable version. Ethernet is a standard feature (Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP protocols).






En Series Servo Drive- En Series is a standalone, medium power servo drive that can either be used as a base drive or enhanced as an indexer or programmable version by adding an FM Module.









MDS Servo Drive- MDS (Modular Drive System) is a powerful, cost effective solution for multiple axes applications. MDS employs a unique backplane architecture that accommodates a common power module and up to eight drive modules. Once again, these base amplifiers can be further enhanced as an indexer or programmable drive using FM Modules.















Unidrive SP Servo Drive- Unidrive SP fills in the gap for servo applications above 750 in-lb continuous torque. Also its capability to work with servo as well as ac motors, 14 different types of encoders (including SSI, absolute, Heidenhain and Endat) and peer-to-peer communication capabilities (with CTNet and CTSync) makes it the choice for more complex applications.

All Control Techniques servo drives have Modbus RTU as standard, and the capability to add one or more of the following field bus options: EtherNet/IP, Ethernet/TCP, DeviceNet, Profibus, CAN, CAN Open, Sercos, CTNet , CTSync

The scalable PLC functionality combined with an extensive range of field bus options and expandable I/O options eliminate the need to have an external PLC in most cases resulting in cost and space savings. The following table summarizes the key features of the Control Techniques range of servo drives.


Key Features /Drive Line

Digitax ST

Epsilon EP



Unidrive SP

Control Type





Servo, AC Vector

Free PC Software for Setup and Maintenance

Drag and Drop Programming

"Motion Made Easy"

Keypad Setup

I/O Expansion Capable

Field bus Capable

Advanced Programming Options

Input Voltage Range [VAC]






Max Cont. Torque [Lb-In]