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Commander SL and GP20 Legacy status

Commander SL and Commander GP20 changing to legacy status The Commander SL and Commander GP20 products will be changing to legacy status effective March 1st, 2009. The existing inventory of the Commander SL and Commander GP20 products will not be restocked.




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Sale on Commander SL, SK Drives!

See our Sale page to get great pricing on AC Drives!



Soft Starters

Saftronics offers a complete range of AC soft starters and options for both normal and heavy duty applications. All Saftronics AC soft starters are built to industrial standards and are approved for use worldwide.

Saftronics low voltage soft starters can accommodate voltage ranges from 200v to 690v. Serial communications are available in Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, RS-485, LonWorks, and FIPIO.

Saftronics builds its reputation on its ability to quickly produce customized solutions. All of our Soft Starter products can be packaged in standard enclosures to meet NEMA-1, 12, 3R, 4 or 4X requirements and can be designed for a wide range of options and applications.

The following table illustrates a comprehensive summary of the features, functions, protection and options of the Saftronics range of AC soft starters.
Packaged Soft Starters

Features, Functions, Protection, Options.
and Range
Current Ramp
Soft Stop
Motor Overload Protection
Shorted SCR
4-20mA Output
Relay Outputs
Serial Communications
Intergral Bypass
Power Through Operation
Adaptive Acceleration      


Compact Starters


200V - 575V 3~
18-200A / 5-150hp

CSX Soft Start

Our CSX series has one of the smallest foot prints available, and includes a built-in bypass contactors, which allow significant space savings versus our competitors; ideal for MCC applications. Built-in bypass contactor allows the use of smaller, non-ventilated enclosures on all manufactured packages. The CSXi series includes all of the functionality of the CSX, with the addition of motor protection and current limit/current ramp starting modes.




Digital Starters


200V ~ 690V 3~
23A-1600A / 5-1300hp

EMX Soft Start

Our EMX3 series has one of the smallest foot prints available, and includes the world's first soft starter to control acceleration. We call it Adaptive Acceleration control or XLR-8. More control means smarter starts and smoother stops that reduce downtime and eliminate water hammer problems. The EMX3 meets the needs of specific applications including: Pumping (e.g. high head applications), Compressors (optimising load control), Bandsaws (easy blade alignment), Irrigators (built-in timer). For applications requiring precise control of motor start current the EMX3 offers a choice of Constant Current or Current Ramp start modes.


200-690V 3~
18A-1574A / 3-1300hp

IMS2 Soft Start

Saftronics’ IMS2 Series soft starters are a total motor starting solution, combining high-level functionality with flexibility and ease of use. In simple installations, commissioning requires only one parameter to be set. For advanced applications, an extensive range of functions makes the IMS2 suitable for nearly all motor starting and control requirements. The IMS2 offers a choice of soft start and soft stop profiles to ensure optimum control for all load types. The unique torque control system gives more linear acceleration than standard constant current, and a special pump control function reduces water hammer. In addition to leading edge soft start and soft stop, the IMS2 incorporates advanced motor and load protection features. IMS2 minimizes installation time and costs and ensures that motors can be operated with confidence.

DY5 Electronic Motor Brake

200-600V 3~

DY5 brake

The DY5 unit is an electronic AC motor brake that can be applied to any starter. Installation is simple and fast. Only four power wires are needed, plus five interconnecting leads to the existing starter.

Packaged Soft Staters


Normal Duty Applications: Fans, Pump (Centrifugal & Submersible), Compressor (Screw type), Grinder, Bottle Washer.

Heavy Duty Applications: Compressor (Reciprocating type), Conveyors, Mixer, Hammer Mill, Palletizer, Separator, Shredder, Bandsaw, Chipper, Sander, Agitator, Rock Crusher..


Combination Packaged Soft Starters (CSXi, IMS2 & EMX3)

Packages include: NEMA -1 (PPBF) & NEMA- 12 (TENV) Enclosure, NEMA- 1 is without at speed run bypass contactor, NEMA- 12 is with at speed run bypass contactor, Input line fusing. Option: Circuit breaker with door operator, 120vac control power transformer.

For more product information see the
in PDF format.




IMS Packaged Soft Start

Crusher Duty Packaged Soft Starters (IMS241 & EMX341)

The IMS2•4•1 and EMX3•4•1 are pre-engineered enclosed soft starter packaged solutions based on the IMS2 and EMX3 Soft Starters. They include the latest in digital technology to provide ease of set-up and reliability needed in this demanding application.

Packages include: NEMA-12 (TENV) Enclosure, Circuit breaker with door operator, Bypass contactor has 2 modes of operation; at speed run bypass or for emergency across-the-line bypass contactor, 120vac control power transformer, Emergency Start Switch (mounted inside on panel to select soft starter start mode or across- the- line start mode), Class 20 thermal over-load for across the line start mode, Start / Stop Pushbutton (door mounted), Run Pilot Light ( door mounted) , Input line fusing.

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