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CTVue HMI Touch Screens


Commander SL and GP20 Legacy status

Commander SL and Commander GP20 changing to legacy status The Commander SL and Commander GP20 products will be changing to legacy status effective March 1st, 2009. The existing inventory of the Commander SL and Commander GP20 products will not be restocked.




Sale on Commander SL, SK Drives!

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Sale on Commander SL, SK Drives!

See our Sale page to get great pricing on AC Drives!



CTVue HMI with FREE Configuration and Programming Software!

CTVue HMI Touch screen

The powerful CTVue HMI line and integrated drivers for Control Technique drives make it easy to integrate HMI with CT drives. The broad offering of CTVue HMI's are easy to program with the free and easy to use CTVue configurator software. The broad hardware offering also ensures there is a CTVue HMI that balances your price and functionality needs.

For small displays, the economical 303L and 303M provide a 3" monochrome graphical LCD display. The 303L is the low cost choice with only one RS485 port. The 303M is full featured with one Ethernet, two RS232, one RS485 and one Compact Flash port. The 303 is available in an outdoor version, upon request.

Versions range from 3" up to 15".


CTVue Configuration Software

CTVue Configuration software is the key which allows the casual to advanced HMI programmer to harness the full capabilities of the HMI Hardware and Control Technique drives. The entire software structure is based on building blocks that go from simple to complex. The software opens into a very simple programming interface which is setup to walk the programmer through communications setup, defining tags, making graphics, and more advanced features such as programming, data logging, web server, and security.

Below is just a brief Introduction to each of these sections:

Simple Programming

The first thing you notice when you open CTVue Configurator is how straight forward and clean the software is. The building blocks design from left to right walks the programmer through each section while offering help boxes whenever a user holds the mouse over a specific block.

  CTVue Main

Flexible Communications

The power of the CTVue hardware is made evident in the communications section. At the most basic level is the built in Control Technique Drivers which make setting up tags and data easier and faster not to mention an extensive third party driver list. Then there is the ability to create gateway connections from one port on the HMI to another making it easier to integrate or migrate from your existing automation architecture.

CTVue Communications

Powerful Tag Database

Save a lot of time and leverage pre-defined datatypes for Control Technique Drives using the Tag Database. The tags are a key element to making graphics, alarming, security, drive interfacing, and recipes very easy. Powerful and unlimited array tags can be used for very flexible recipe applications. The properties you define for a tag mean you only define the properties once and they are reused on every graphic you create.

CTVue Tags

Simple and Powerful Graphics

The graphic design editor was developed around the principle of making it fast and easy to create 80% of applications. Therefore, such tasks as making a push button or creating a data field are completed with a simple drag and drop. Even making objects move is simplified with a unique object drag and drop for motion technique. Setting up Alarm screens and variables is easy using the drag and drop icons and also using tag properties.

CTVue Graphics

Data Logging and Security

Many applications require multiple user rights and the ability to time stamp and log data. Both are made easy using defined tag properties, the security manager and the graphic interface. These features fully leverage the compact flash capability on the HMI especially for medical, pharmaceutical, and general higher level systems integration.

CTVue Data Logging

Advanced Programming

The built in programming language with C  like programming ensures that even the most complex applications are possible with a little more advanced knowledge and programming capabilities. The easier program tasks include doing math on data in the HMI or loading a .csv file into a recipe. More complex programs include parsing ASCII data to communicate to a proprietary serial device such as a special barcode reader.

CTVue Scripting

Web Enabled

Machine builders looking to add value don t have to be expert to web enable their machines. From full remote control to program download and custom webpages, the CTVue configurator makes it easy to setup and configure the built in webserver. Combined with datalogging and timestamping the CTVue offers simple yet powerful preventive maintenance and diagnostics tools that even the casual HMI programmer can utilize.

CTVue Webpage